Saturday, February 28, 2009


Our family loves poopstains! Yep its true, gross as it may be, but they are yummy! I had a craving for these tasty treats and decided to eat them. We refer to no bake cookies as poopstains. It all started when my brothers were young and my mother made them all the time for them. Coming from little boys and not being clean in all the right places, they thought they looked like poopstains. So the name stuck and all of us now refer to these delicatable treats as POOP STAINS! So I hope I didn't gross out anybody or made you crave some chocolate goodness.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photos of My Darling Kids

My mother made this adorable little tutu's for all her granddaughters for Christmas. I decided to have some fun and take a little photo shoot of them. Malia was so happy and loved the attention, but Bailee would only pose for one picture and she was done. I guess as you get older, the less you want your picture taken. I'm still trying to work my new camera and I think the setting is not right one this picture of Bailee. (what do you think Kerrianne?) Malia was shaking her booty in her little tutu and always gave me a big cheesy smile.

Braden had the opportunity to ride on the big 4-Wheeler. Boy was he excited to go around the block with one of our nieghbors. Boys and thier toys! After his ride he asked if we could buy one. Yeah, in your dreams!Malia's hair is finally getting longer in the front and I love doing her hair. She also likes getting her hair done. Maybe, its because she gets to play in the sink. This is her first time with pig tails and I think she is such a cutie. My little baby is getting so big!