Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Christmas Performance

As you know, Bailee is taking dance lessons through the city and she just loves it. They had their first performance on November, 21. They have been working very hard in class. She did a fantastic job on both her tap dance and ballet dance. She was so excited to perform and loved it when daddy gave her, her own special flowers. Thanks Grandma Linda, Grandma Judy and Aunt Megan for coming. Bailee was happy you made it out to watch her in her first dancing performance.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunny Sunny Day

Well, while most of you were enjoying the nice weather here in Idaho, I was enjoying much nicer weather in Sunny San Diego. I was able to go to a CME conference for work and had a great time. Unfortunately, I went without Mary but a co-worker went along too. I got to go eat at "Seau's" which is a restaurant owned by my favorite football player of all time (Junior Seau). we went to the beach for an afternoon, and went to Joe's Crab Shack, where "our waitress gave us crabs!" All in all it was a great time, hopefully next time Mary can come, and it won't be over Halloween, but then again, I didn't get stuck walking miles and miles trick or treating!! I also got to go to Qualcomm stadium where the Chargers play, however they were tight a**** and wouldn't let us on the field. (felt like a broncos fan!!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We had a great Halloween this year. We spent it in Utah since Cameron was away soaking up the sun in California. I have spent too many Halloweens alone and wasn't going to do it again. We had such a great time and the weather was amazing. I remember it being super freezing every year and this year we didn't even need to wear a coat. First, we headed to one of the nursing homes and did some trick or treating. Let me just tell you this is the best idea ever, the kids are nice and warm and the elderly get to have fun by passing out the candy. Malia was hillarious. She wouldn't put the candy in her bucket and would insist on keeping them in her hot little hand. When I would take it away and put it her bucket she would throw a fit. She did this for about 5 minutes and eventually she got the hang of it and was excited to pick out her own candy. Apparently, suckers were her favorite candy. Next, we headed out in the neighborhood of where my parents live. By then our kids had quite the assortment of candy and had to empty thier bucket so more would fit. We had a great time. Bailee was Snow White, Braden as Captain America, and Malia was a grumpy Flower, she wouldn't keep the flower part on her head.