Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hannah Montana Rocks out the Show!!!!!

Bailee just loves Hannah Montana and got her CD this Christmas and also got a microphone to sing along. Dad caught her rocking out....

Bailee's Kindergarten Christmas Program

In December we got to go to Bailee's Christmas program at school. She did such a good job as Dancer the Reindeer, even though she did wander occasionally into her princess land. Braden loved the song "Snow Pants" and Bailee was happy Daddy came over from work to watch and that Grandma Linda came too.

Christmas Comes in January (not really)

Well I am a little behind on my "blogging" so I thought I would hurry and post some pics from Xmas. We loved being able to stay in our new home and have our first "Family Christmas" and then scoot over to Grandma and Grandpa's for some Rock Band (which Cam loved, but was boring to watch for hours and hours) and Guitar Hero. Braden and Bailee had a good time. Bailee was up at 5:30 but we made her lay in our bed until 7:30 until we woke Braden up. Malia had no idea what was going on but just had a good time, blowing out in her new outfit!!