Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sadie is One Month

our little Sadie girl is a month old!  Well she has been a month for a few weeks now, I’m just a little late writing about it.


She has been quite the little angel baby!  Only getting up once in the night, and sometimes she sleeps through the night!!!  I couldn’t have asked for anything better!  Sadie has learned to smile and occasionally giggle.  However, much to her moms effort, she prefers daddy to make her smile.  That’s okay because I know that I’m number 1 in her little world.   I’m the only one who can calm this little cutie down


This is such a great picture!  I love that me and my  friends all have babies together.  There is one lady missing and she has a two month old.  Its been fun enjoying the stresses of having kids together!


Shantel with Daxon, Jessica with Emery, Me and Sadie, and Missy and Tessa

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Food and Shopping Vacation

This weekend was all about ME!!!  Well must of it, Cameron had to go to Boise for a work conference about Diabetes and I tagged  along.  His work provided a hotel for him on Thursday night, because the the conference was the next day at 8:00am.  We dropped off our three oldest kids at Grandma and Grandpa’s and our mini vacation started. 

We got to Boise around 7:00 and ate a the yummiest place ever to have a salad.


not just any old salad, the Luau Salad


Yummo!!! I ate the whole thing!  I would have licked the plate clean but we were in a restaurant and I do have manners!  Of course after our meals we ordered our cheesecakes to go to eat later.  Or in my case, save it for breakfast the next morning! 

Friday I was free to do whatever I wanted.  So me and Sadie got ready for the day and headed out to meet up with my sister in law, Collette, to have again another yummy meal. 

panda express 

It was good to catch up with Collette and for her to meet Sadie.  After lunch I headed to Ross to find some sweet treasures, but with no luck.  I was looking for some clothes but nothing fit my new post baby frumpy body.  After the conference, we hit the mall.  I love the Boise’s mall, so much more than our dinky little mall.  But again, I didn’t have much success with the clothing departments either.  I have been blessed with a large chest thanks to nursing and I haven't found much that will cover and be cute  at the same time.  I did however, find three shirts that will work, and the best part was they were $5.   So what does one do after a day of shopping….

red robin

You eat at Red Robin of course!

Thanks hunny for the great weekend, and on Monday my diet will begin along with some serious workouts!  I must get this body back into shape for summer.