Saturday, June 20, 2009

Malia Marcelene Turns TWO!

On June 18th, we celebrated a joyous event, Malia had a birthday and is now the tender age of TWO! Let me tell you the Terrible Two's have already kicked in. I thought we would go to the movies during the day and have fun, but little Malia had different plans. We went to see the Water Horse, not the greatest show but it was that or Marley and Me and I heard that it wasn't a good one to take kids to. We sit down and watch the movie for like 10 minutes and broke out the candy for our kids to eat. Another 5 minutes down and Im thinking "Hey this is turning out great" and then it started. Malia is throwing her candy and screaming. I took her out and told her she needed to be quiet and we went back inside. As soon as we sit down she started screaming again so of course we had to leave and I thought maybe she was thirsty , so I bought all three kids a drink and sat back down. More screaming and her pop goes flying all over the floor. AGHHHHHHHHHHH! Finally, we had enough and went home after only seeing half of the movie. The conclusion: Malia and movie theaters dont MIX! and I bought a summer movie ticket for her. Oh well.

She was more pleasant after a good lunch and a nap and was excited for her party later that day. We invited Grandma and Grandpa Clark, Aunt Collette and the Andersons, our neighbors across the street, to have a BBQ Party. Malia loved all the attention from everyone and loved opening her presents and the best part, eating cake (well the frosting anyway). Malia got mostly clothes from us and grandparents and she will look so adorable in them. The nieghbors gave her a book, which has become her favorite, some sand toys, and a water floaty for the pool. Hopefully our year of being TWO is not too TERRIBLE! We can only wish!

Malia was hillarious and had to show Grandpa each present she got. What a cutie!

Happy Birthday Malia Girl! We love you!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dancer of the Year!

On May 30, Bailee had her end of the year recital. She was SO excited to dance in front of everyone and to be in her pretty costume. Bailee has been taking ballet and tap since the beginning of September and she loves it. Ahh taking after her mother I guess. Grandma Judy flew in for the special day and Aunt Megan and Bella came as well. Bailee did a great job dancing and even WON the Dancer of the Year award in her division. Way to go Bailee!! I was so proud of her, my little dancer! This is her dance teacher who Bailee always has a smile for.Grandma Judy and Bailee sharing a sweet moment