Saturday, May 23, 2009

Power of Coupons and Preschool Graduation

We have had a busy week! Well I have anyway. My friend got me started on shopping with coupons and I have been addicted. It is so fun and also confusing at times. Thanks to the internet for allowing me to print coupons, and my friend for showing how to put the items together that will be the most beneficial. I had my first shopping trip at Albertsons the other day and I was so excited to see what I could get without spending alot. It made grocery shopping a little more fun. This is what I bought:

4 pkgs of Wheat Thins
6 BBQ sauce

2 pkgs of hot dogs
3 6-pack hersheys chocolate
3 pkgs of marshmellows
1 container of ice cream
1 2 liter of pop
4 Skintimate shave gels
3 pkgs of honey maid graham crackers
2 Darigold chocolate milks

and the grand total of what I paid after coupons...... is..............$8.68! Wow isn't that crazy. Now only if my coupon inserts come in the mail soon, so I can have LOTS more coupons to save. Braden also graduated from Pre-school and had a program with lots of songs they have learned over the year and ended with a ice cream party afterwards. Braden sure loved going to preschool and has learned alot too. What a smart little boy we have, and a handsome one too! Here are some pictures of him at preschool

Now he is off to Kindergarten and is all grown up! :(

Friday, May 15, 2009


Just wanted to let everyone know that it is Mary's birthday today!!! She is 28 and Friggin' old. I couldn't have asked for a better wife or mother. hope your day is fantastic!!!
love Cameron

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Great Mother's Day

I must say I have the greatest husband and kids! They spoiled me this year and I loved it!
Bailee and Braden made me some cool gifts at school and little Malia made an adorable handprint at nursery for me. Bailee made me a keychain that spells MOM, and Braden made a bookmark with his picture on it and some flower seeds.
Even Cameron made a wonderful dinner of steak and pototaoes and the kids helped him make a dessert pizza. We invited Grandma and Grandpa Clark, Collette, and Kelsey to come and have some wonderful dessert. I love my family very much and I'm grateful for them everyday!