Monday, April 27, 2009

Its Finally Done!

We have completed our remodel of our master bathroom, and I LOVE it! Cameron did a great job with the tile work, and I did a great job painting. Also we had to buy our mirrors, much to our dismay. The previous mirror was glued so much it was impossible to take down without breaking. Here are some pictures of our "new" bathroom.

this is the tile that is on the floor

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here Comes Peter Cottentail!

We had a great Easter! On Saturday, we went to Jerome to Grandma and Grandpa's ward breakfast and egg hunt. It was cold but the kids loved eating pancakes, doing a cupcake walk, where each of them won, and finally ending the morning with a Easter Egg Hunt! Malia sure loved picking up the eggs and most of all eating the surprises inside. Bailee and Braden also loved finding the eggs and got quite the collection. They even shared the loot with Mom and Dad. (we have sweet kids) Later that evening we invited our nieghbors over to color eggs and had so much fun. Between the eight kids around my tiny kitchen table we had only two spilled cups of dye, not bad! They loved coloring eggs and couldn't wait for their next egg. Even Malia had fun with her egg. She colored on it with crayon and then decided it was better to smash the egg instead of making it pretty. Here is Bailee helping our neighbor Penny with her egg.
Sunday morning was fun too. The Easter bunny came and left goodies for everyone and hid the kids baskets throughout the house. The crazy bunny hid Bailee's basket in the dryer. Silly old rabbit! Braden's was hid in the game closet. Then it was a quest to find those easter eggs from last night. Easter is fun but we will never forget why we celebrate Easter and we tried hard to let our kids know the real reason. I think they get it. Here is our cute little family all dressed up.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Clark Family Update

We have been very busy and my blog has suffered from it! We decided to remodel our bathroom. We ripped up the lanoleum(I know the spelling isn't right ) and took the tile off the front of our tub. We are putting tile on the floor and on the front of tub as well. We also have a huge mirror we are going to take down and make two mirrors out of it. Hopefully we are able to get it down without it breaking, wish us LUCK! Cameron has a love hate relationship with the demo, too much work! I will be thrilled when it is all done and looking magnificent. I have been busy taking pictures for my photography class. I have had so much fun looking for some great spots. For one of our assignments we had to stop action and blur action. Here is what I got.

The water pictures are taken at Niagra Springs in Jerome.