Friday, April 29, 2011

Sadie Kathleen Clark

DSC_0027 copy

We  are loving having a new baby in the house!  We can’t get enough of her cute little face and sweet personality!  Sadie is almost 3weeks old and it makes me sad that they can’t stay tiny forever.  Sadie is so calm during the day and hardly ever makes a peep unless she is hungry.  Even then,  she only whimpers.  Bailee, Braden and Malia  love it when she is awake (which is a rare occurrence ) and they LOVE holding her. 




DSC_0010 copyDSC_0062 copy

We are lucky to have such a sweet baby come into our home!

Easter Has Come!

We celebrated Easter in Utah this year and had a blast!  Dying eggs, dying hair, Church, Easter egg hunts, family get togethers and yummy yummy food.   I loved seeing my mom’s side of the family, which I don’t see very much! 

My kids had fun dying eggs and playing with bubbles that Grandma gave them.

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DSC_0042 copy

DSC_0051 copy

It wouldn’t be Easter without new clothes!!!

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Hope Everyone had a great Easter Sunday!!!