Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Christmas Holiday!

My mom was supposed to come to our house for Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day,but all the flights were full and Grandma couldn't come. We were all dissapointed but still had a great Christmas. We made sugar cookies for Santa and had fun decorating and eating them.

Then we listen while Daddy read the nativity from the scriptures and Bailee read us the The Night Before Christmas. She is such a good reader and loved reading the story to us. We open up pajamas on Christmas Eve and of course mom had to take a family picture.

We were spoiled by Santa and family this year. Santa made the kids go on a scavenger hunt for their present. The kids thought that was so fun and found a Wii at the end. They were so excited and couldn't wait to try it out. What a fun game system and the games are pretty fun too. Braden got the Indiana Jones Lego game, Star wars lego game and Bailee got a princess game. Mom and dad got Guitar Hero World Tour and love rocking out!
I got a really great camera, the ones that professionals have and love taking pictures with it. I now need to learn all the tricks to it. We also got a keyboard so we can play the piano. I used to play but never had a piano to practice on. Now Im excited to learn some songs all over again. Thanks to Grandma Linda I now have a beautiful illustrated songbook of the hymns to play too.

Braden also got some lego sets, clothes, Robin hood DVD, Sword in the stone DVD, remote control car. Bailee got a MP3 player, Sleeping Beauty DVD, clothes, Barbies of Hannah Montana friends. Malia got mostly clothes which she was excited about. A toy vaccum, Barral of Monkeys, a baby doll, a ride on toy and a toy radio. Malia also like to unwrap the presents which was fun to watch.
We had a fun dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Clark Christmas day and enjoyed visiting with family and having yummy food. Grandpa always makes such yummy dinners and the coconut cake was to die for.
We headed down to Utah the day after and spent some time with my brothers and sister. We has a great time playing games and opening presents again.

We had a great holiday! We hope all had a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Pictures

My friend did an amazing job taking our pictures. We couldn't be happier with them. Here are some of our favorites.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Favorite Things

This post is inspired by the Christmas song "My Favorite Things" even though that particular song is not a favorite. Hopefully some of my favorite things may be yours as well.
1. Long hot hot showers.
2. Being with family
3. Hanging out with friends
4. Baking goodies to eat.
5. Date night with hubby
6. When our kids play nicely with eachother
7. Christmas Season
8. Christmas songs, Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant
9. Scrapbooking (even though I dont do it as often as I like)
10. Shopping
11. Going out to eat, Wingers and Chili's
12. Watching sappy girlie movies, The Notebook
13. Decorating our house
14. Taking pictures
15. Kissing my kids and hubby
16. Gardening, a new favorite
17. Playing boardgames, Sorry
18. Reading good books, Twilight, Harry Potter
19. Sleeping in on Saturdays, which doesn't happen often
20. Working out at Golds
21. Blogging
22. I love to vacuum, sounds crazy I know
23. Playing with my kids
24. Meeting new people
25. love to cuddle to get warm at night

Well I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite things

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lets Dance!

So one of Bailee's favorite thing to do at home is dancing in front of the TV. I guess she likes to see her refelction while jamming out to the latest of Miley Cyrus. Well, when Bailee starts dancing little Malia will join her and they dance thier little hearts out. Usually Malia dances much better than the video will show, but of course when you want to tape them they stop performing. I hope you enjoy the future backup dancers to Hannah Montana! You might want to turn down the music in the background before playing.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Malia's First Ponytail

Today is a day to celebrate! We kindly refer to Malia's hair as the "mullet." It is growing so long in the back but there is hardly any hair on the top. So I got my comb, squirt bottle and elastic and was ready to create magic. I just had enough hair to make one little pony tail and I think its adorable, and of course I thought Malia looked so cute. From now on I think I will do this to her hair everday, since she wont wear her cute little headbands anymore. Such a little stinker. I had to take pictures to capture this wonderful day.