Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am Legal!!!

Well I have been working under a "graduate PA license" for the last month. This license allowed me to diagnose and treat patients, however, I could not write prescriptions. So typically I would hang out in our office hallway for another provider to pop out of a room and corner them to sign my scripts. The graduate PA license was a temporary license until one passes their boards (certifying exam). I got confirmation last week that I passed (only took three weeks for them to let me know, though they say two, that led to some sleepless nights!!) so I got to apply for a real PA license last week and finally got it, so....I am legal!! Feels good too, the last 6 years finally culminating into a career.

Halloween in September?!?!?!?!

It's Halloween at our house!! Well not really but the kids are celebrating a little early. Grandma Judy came up for a few days to visit and to give the kids their halloween goodies. Daddy and Mommy got some candy and some halloween decorations for the house. Bailee and Braden got some candy and halloween balls. Grandma also gave them a CD that has some kid halloween songs. They love the songs and want to hear them all day. While Grandma was here, we went to the dollar store and we found some Halloween costumes for the kids to play in. Bailee wanted the witch costume and Braden found a Ninja. They were so excited to get home and try them on. For only paying 1.00 they were pretty cute.

Grandma brought up Malia her Halloween costume. Aunt Megan and Grandma Judy found this cute butterfly costume at Shopko and had to buy it. We think she looks adorable, and is ready to go trick or treating. We just hope the excitment of Halloween will still be there in a month.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Picture Day

Well yesterday was picture day at Bailee's school. And of course she had a nice shiner under her eye, thanks to Braden running her over on his bike. If you know Braden at all he doesn't always watch where he is going. Mom tried to hide with makeup but it was a huge scap, and makeup doesn't like to stick to scaps. Oh well It reminds me how when I was little we (as in my brother and me) would experiment with the scissors and play barber shop. I always got a cute new haircut, with half of my bangs cut almost to the scalp. My mother would just cry because it would be around picture day. So to say the least some of my pictures didn't turn out too cute. Im sure Bailee's pictures will be just adorable.

Yesterday I was bored and painted Malia's tiny toenails. I think I got more on her skin than on her nails. She looks cute with painted nails. Thanks Cami for showing me how cute baby girls look with painted toes. However, we will have to wait to paint her fingernails, for she always has her hands in her mouth. I was going to post a picture but for some reason Im having difficulties with the picture software. Will post when i figure it out.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bailee's First Day of School

Even though Bailee has been to school for a week. I wanted to let everyone know that Bailee is loving Kindergarten, and told me she is excited to learn how to read. She goes in the afternoon at 11:55 to 2:55, which gives me three hours to do my errands and play with Braden. He likes it when I teach him "school". Braden already knows how to write his name.

Bailee also likes her teacher, Mrs. Dickensen. On the first day of school, she already made a new friend Cierra. I'm glad that Bailee is starting to be more outgoing. Well here are a few pictures of her first day.