Thursday, March 27, 2008

We are Still Here!

I know its been awhile since I updated on my little family. Our lives are just too ordinary and not very blog worthy. Easter was fun, my mom flew up for a couple of days and stayed until monday. The kids sure like having her come to visit. Especailly when we pick her up from the airport. Bailee and Braden always ask "When can we go on a airplane?" On Saturday we went to an easter egg hunt at one of the greenhouses here in town, and it was so crowded. Appartently the whole city of Twin Falls was there. We got there about 15 minutes before it started and was at the back of the lines. When the announcer said GO! all the kids tried to get to the eggs and since we were at the back it was hard to get by the parents just standing there watching their own kids. Apparently they had 2,000 eggs and we came home with..... NONE.
Lets just say the kids in the front took them all. A neighbor and her kids shared with us and our kids were happy. I don't think we will be attending that one next year, or go way before it starts to get a good place in line. We also colored eggs and had our very own egg hunt in our yard. The kids thought it was pretty fun. It has been a tradition in my house that on easter morning, the easter bunny hides the eggs we colored the night before and our easter baskets. I thought i would carry the tradition to my own kids. They couldn't find thier baskets, I think they look with thier eyes closed because they would look in the spot where there basket would be and whine about how they couldn't find it. It was funny for us to watch them though.
My mom helped me refinish our kitchen table. it used to be tan colored top and white legs. Now it has a red mahgohanny stain with black legs. It looks really good and we can't wait to do our chairs. The weather wasn't allowing us to finish. Maybe in a couple of days or so. With the table out of commission we had to eat on the floor. Bailee and Braden loved the idea of having picnics everyday. I however, hated to clean the floor everyday.
Malia is 9 months old and is weighing in at 21 pounds. She is working hard on her girly figure instead of crawling. oh well she is starting to pull herself up and is working on getting to all fours.
She is started to sleep better through the night and mommy is very happy about that. She has come to the conclusion that our food is better than her baby food, and wants what we are having. I guess that is a good thing.