Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Braden's Birthday (better late than never)

We had a wonderful time celebrating Braden's 6th Birthday. My mom and my sister joined us for the festivities and we had so much fun. Each year our kids get to choose what resturant they want their birthday dinner at. The winner this year......Gerties! If you are not a resident of Twin Falls then let me enlighten you. Its an all you can eat pizza place that has the best Chicken Ranch Cashew pizza you'll ever eat, and their dessert pizzas rock too. Literally we stuff ourselves to the point of engorgement, but its fun to get all the different varieties. We have the best time when we are all together as you can see.

Kelsy with Braden

Grandma Judy

Grandpa Clark showing us his great pizza

Aunt Megan with her yummy Oreo Pizza


Braden also had a friend party at a bowling alley which was the greatest idea ever! The kids had a hour of bowling and each spent $1.50 on the arcade and of course they all had yummy birthday cake. I liked it because I didn't have to have it inside our home. As for most of the days in October, it was a little chilly. Braden loved being the center of attention and had a wonderful birhtday. We love you buddy

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Handsome Boy is Six Today!

Yeah! Braden turns SIX today! All week is has been counting down the days with a paper chain Bailee made for him. I cant believe my boy is growing up so fast. We sure love you Braden and thank you for six wonderful years. Here are some pictures of the cutest baby ever! The quality isn't the greatest, I took the picture off the picture, but it will work just fine. Don't you just want to give those cheeks a good squeeze! This is Braden when he was 3 months.This is when he was six months, and yet he still makes that face
Braden at one year. What a little stud muffin!

Two Years
Happy Birthday! Will post party pictures later

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bradens Soccer Game!

This fall, Braden has been playing Soccer! It was his first time playing and I think he liked it. Kindergarten Soccer is entertaining to watch and sometimes very stressful! Some boys would go the wrong way, making it easier for the other team to score and one time they actually scored for the other team! Braden even scored a couple of times which he thought was the coolest thing. Even though our team never won it was fun to see them try. To end the season everyone received a medal. Hopefully, Braden will want to play next fall, for he could be pretty good with a little more practice.