Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pocatello Marathon!

The Pocatello Marathon was upon us after 3 LONG months of training. We spent Labor day weekend in Pocatello enjoying good friends and family and many nights of eating out! The best part of our trip for the kids was our hotel. Isn't it crazy how the simple things make children the happiest. A week before, Cameron hurt his knee running and was a little nervous on how his knee was going to feel after running 26.2 miles, but he did AWESOME! He had many supporters who cheered him on and we were all glad when he made it at the finish line four and a half hours later. Cameron made a goal for himself to finish it under four hours, but with his knee it slowed him down. I think he still made great timing though, afterall it being his first marathon. I asked him after the race if he was going to run another one and the answer is probably not, maybe half marathon. Apparently that extra 13 miles is torture. Here are some pictures of our "Runner"

Go Cam Go!!

Cameron with his buddies, Shane and Matt