Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The other day Malia wanted to play with bubbles.  So we played!  Little did we know that our dog loves bubbles too!

I think he was the one who got more  happy and excited each time the wand was pulled out.  ESPN would jump and  pop the bubbles with his teeth, and being a quick dog he  got all the bubbles and left poor Malia with none.

DSC_0245 copyh

DSC_0249 copy

DSC_0247 copy

This  is my favorite!  ESPN knocking Malia down to get BUBBLES!!!!   Awe the power of bubbles, to entertain kids and dogs!

Why not a few pics of my cute kids too

DSC_0265 copy

DSC_0268 copy

DSC_0267 copy

DSC_0261 copy

DSC_0237 copy

DSC_0141 - Copy copy


Erica Bazil said...

How funny! :Looks like you're enjoying your summer. Fun pictures of the kids too. Gosh Braden just doesn't even look like a little boy anymore but nearly a strapping young man - they're all getting so grown up!

Cami Jo said...

So cute! Cheap entertainment, huh?! And.......ESPN? I love that you named your dog ESPN!!! James is gonna get a kick outta that!

Stacy said...

Love the pics! Good catch of Malia getting mowed over by the dog. Cute kids, as always!

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So cute kids. Wish them happy always.

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