Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sadie is One Month

our little Sadie girl is a month old!  Well she has been a month for a few weeks now, I’m just a little late writing about it.


She has been quite the little angel baby!  Only getting up once in the night, and sometimes she sleeps through the night!!!  I couldn’t have asked for anything better!  Sadie has learned to smile and occasionally giggle.  However, much to her moms effort, she prefers daddy to make her smile.  That’s okay because I know that I’m number 1 in her little world.   I’m the only one who can calm this little cutie down


This is such a great picture!  I love that me and my  friends all have babies together.  There is one lady missing and she has a two month old.  Its been fun enjoying the stresses of having kids together!


Shantel with Daxon, Jessica with Emery, Me and Sadie, and Missy and Tessa


Stacy said...

She's a cutie!

Zii Pasla said...

so cute ur baby..happy family..