Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The other day Malia wanted to play with bubbles.  So we played!  Little did we know that our dog loves bubbles too!

I think he was the one who got more  happy and excited each time the wand was pulled out.  ESPN would jump and  pop the bubbles with his teeth, and being a quick dog he  got all the bubbles and left poor Malia with none.

DSC_0245 copyh

DSC_0249 copy

DSC_0247 copy

This  is my favorite!  ESPN knocking Malia down to get BUBBLES!!!!   Awe the power of bubbles, to entertain kids and dogs!

Why not a few pics of my cute kids too

DSC_0265 copy

DSC_0268 copy

DSC_0267 copy

DSC_0261 copy

DSC_0237 copy

DSC_0141 - Copy copy

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Summer So Far……

Wow its almost the end of July and pretty soon Summer will be gone!  Pretty much our summers are the same every year, hopefully someone else’s are too!   Throw in birthday parties, baseball, too many I’m Bored!, sleeping in late and going to bed early.  Ok so that is only a dream of mine.  Sometimes I need just a few hours of pure silence with zero children and watching the many shows we have on our DVR plus drooling over the yummy food on the Food Network channel. 

My girls both have birthdays in June, five days apart.  There are lots of parties to plan and cakes to bake.  Bailee turned NINE and is growing into a beautiful girl!  She is a great helper with Sadie and Malia.  She is my go to girl and I love having her in our home.  This year she had a Ice Cream party and we had fun making our own ice cream in a bag.  She had tons of fun with her friends.  DSC_0009 - Copy copy 

DSC_0003 - Copy copy

DSC_0006 copy

DSC_0038 copyDSC_0041 copy

We had a fun day celebrating her birthday. 

For Malia’s 4th birthday we had a Princess Party!

DSC_0257 copy

All her fiends came dressed up in their princess clothes and had a tea party. 

DSC_0258 copy

We had crown PB&J sandwiches.DSC_0259 copy

Red Jello Jiggler Shoes


and Princess Cupcakes

DSC_0260 copyDSC_0264 copy

DSC_0289 copy

Her princess castle cake

DSC_0298 copyDSC_0316

Malia had a blast being a princess for the day!

DSC_0312 copyDSC_0314 copy

it’s a pet, it’s a pillow, it’s a pillow pet!!!

Braden finished baseball and I’m thrilled its over!  Braden excels in every sport he has tried and I’m glad he takes after his dad on that one.  I do not have one athletic bone in my body unless you count dancing!

DSC_0057 copy DSC_0065 copy

DSC_0043 copyDSC_0014 copy

This boy is so dang cute! 

and we cant forget Sadie!  Here she is on her first 4th of July

DSC_0078 copy

DSC_0100 copyDSC_0098 copy

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Things We Have Done

So a lot of things have been going on in the Clark Household!  Sadie was blessed on June 5, by her sweet daddy and wore an amazing blessing dress.  Which happens to be made from my wedding dress!  I thought I would put it to better use than sitting in a pretty box on my dirty shelf in the garage.  She looked so beautiful and I loved every minute of that special day.  Sadie must have known that it was her special day also, because she was so happy and always had  a smile on her face.




DSC_0219 copy

Sadie turned two months as well and is growing like a weed.  I need her to slow down and stay little!  She weighs a whopping 12 lbs and 1 oz



I love this picture, she is giving me kisses! I sure love this baby girl!

We have been enjoying watching Braden play baseball every Monday and Wednesday.  He is quite the little ball player.  This year is his first at coach pitch and he does quite well!  I love that he is competitive but that also means he can get frustrated easy if its not going well for him. One thing for sure is that he has an awesome throw!

Bailee has  been interested in Tennis and is enjoying how to play.  Its good to try something new and I think she is doing great for a beginner! 

Malia celebrated her 4th Birthday and Bailee  is now 9!  I cant believe how old my kids are getting!  More to come on all the birthday celebrations!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Beautiful Baby Indeed!

A good friend of mine introduced to me a photographer who does amazing work!  I’m glad I went because they turned out super cute!  This are from when Sadie was three weeks old!  I could just look at them all day!  I love you Sadie Girl!

a (3 of 37)

a (6 of 37)

a (9 of 37)

a (27 of 37)

a (24 of 37)

a (25 of 37)

a (34 of 37)

a (10 of 37)

a (22 of 37)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sadie is One Month

our little Sadie girl is a month old!  Well she has been a month for a few weeks now, I’m just a little late writing about it.


She has been quite the little angel baby!  Only getting up once in the night, and sometimes she sleeps through the night!!!  I couldn’t have asked for anything better!  Sadie has learned to smile and occasionally giggle.  However, much to her moms effort, she prefers daddy to make her smile.  That’s okay because I know that I’m number 1 in her little world.   I’m the only one who can calm this little cutie down


This is such a great picture!  I love that me and my  friends all have babies together.  There is one lady missing and she has a two month old.  Its been fun enjoying the stresses of having kids together!


Shantel with Daxon, Jessica with Emery, Me and Sadie, and Missy and Tessa